hide Memorial Day 2013

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hide Memorial Day 2013
Remembering hide who was one of the "Godfathers" of Visual Kei and an inspiration to musicians and fans worldwide is very much remembered on two occasions, his birth and his passing. Annual events not only in Japan but around the globe celebrate and honor this legend.

hide's impact on Jrock and Visual Kei Music is and was, immeasurable. As hide's official website is active with fans worldwide, due to the ongoing support for this man, he lives on. Many projects are planned for 2013-2014 as this year is the 20th Anniversary of hide's solo projects and would have been his 50th birthday . This years event in Japan is at Club Citta ,"hide film ALIVE 2013, 20th of hide's Solo Works Special Edition" , and will be held today, May 2nd .There are plenty of "goods" to be purchased along with this event and can be found on his website.

Also scattered across Japan, are coffee shops sporting drinks with names such as "Pink Spider" and different business's finding unique ways to incorporate all things hide into their daily operations. NicoVideo will air a 24 hour broadcast, "hide Rocket Dive 2013" that will consist of clips from live shows, music videos, events, and interviews with hide and can be watched here.
Pink ribbons will be worn in girls hair, eating pink Strawberry Pocky, holding up signs at intersections with lyrics from his songs, gatherings of cosplay and many other creative avenues are demonstrated in celebration of hide which takes place for an entire week in Japan.

Family, fans, bandmates and friends will make the journey to Miura Reien in Miura City, Kanagawa, where hide's headstone by the sea is located to hold a candlelight vigil, an annual event attended by thousands. This year in 2013 this site was vandalized which the investigation is still ongoing. His ashes lay there and also off of the Santa Monica Pier scattered in the ocean in Los Angeles, California.

For those of you not familiar with this man, you may recognize him as the lead quitarist for X-Japan, although he had several side projects as he produced American based band Zilch under his own label LEMONDed, solo project Spread Beaver, M*A*S*S, and infamous Saver Tiger. A benefit concert was held called "hide Memorial Summit" by his piers in honor of his life, friendships and contributions to the music industry in 1998. hide's song "Pink Spider" was released and hit #1 on the Oricon charts a little over a month after he was laid to rest. A museum was also opened containing his guitars, and memorabilia which closed in 2005, and now will re-open its doors as "hide Revival Museum" which the dates are not concrete yet.

hide died, at age 33, the morning of May 2, 1998. After a night out drinking, he was found hanged by a towel tied to a doorknob in his apartment in the Minami-Azabu district of Tokyo. He had returned to Japan just five days prior, after a lengthy three month stay in Los Angeles. On May 1st, hide and the members of his band Spread Beaver recorded for a few select television shows and afterwords went out drinking, with his brother driving him home at roughly 6:30 a.m. the following day. When found unconscious, hide was taken to a hospital in Hiroo where he was pronounced dead at 8:52 a.m. and deemed as a suicide. As Japan heard the news copycat suicides, and utter shock hit the residents of Japan. Everyone was in disbelief. The "end of an era" had just been handed to the masses. With no evidence of suicide and after many formal complaints by his family and friends the official cause of death was changed to accidental death which was more than a relief to all.

Today we honor and remember the great contributions made by hide to the genre of music called JRock and Visual Kei.... Rest in Peace hide.

Hideto Matsumoto December 13, 1964 – May 2, 1998.

[ytid=PVjsEx3CzZ0][yttitle]hide (X Japan) death report TV (discours Yoshiki, hide's fan)[/yttitle][ytcontent]hide (X Japan) death report TV (discours Yoshiki, hide's fan)[/ytcontent]
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