Piko's New Single "Kotonoha" Chosen as Ending Theme Song for re-run T.V. Anime Series Katanagatari

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Piko's New Single
Piko will release a new single, titled "Kotonoha" on June 5th, 2013. The title track of the single is being used as the ending theme for the re-run of TV anime series "Katanagatari". It will be released in a regular and limited edition, as well as a limited pressing anime edition, which will feature "Katanagatari" artwork. "Kotonoha" will be the first track on a three track single although track 2 + 3 still have not been determined.

Piko is known best for his anime tracks. With his vocal range so extrodinary his fans even came up with a nickname for him "Ryouseirui" , which literally means both voice types, male and female. Piko has recorded a few Jrock tunes borderlining JPop such as "Crazy for You" in Visual Kei style, so he is a hard singer to put into one particular catagory even if his rockin songs are used in the anime world. Piko has also provided the voice library for "Utatane Piko", the first Vocaloid from Sony Music Distribution which uses the Vocaloid2 engine released in late 2012. While still recording a variety of music, Piko is currently a Vocaloid Producer by the name of "Chuutoro-P".

Here you can watch the opening to "Katanagatan" by Supercell and the closing by Piko to get a taste of this new song "Kotonoha".

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