Nana, Former Band of SuG's CHIYU, has Re-formed

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Nana, Former Band of SuG's CHIYU, has Re-formed

Most of you probably remember that Visual Kei band SuG went on hiatus last December. But bassist CHIYU is back now! He has announced that his former band "nana" has re-formed in March!

nana went on indefinite hiatus in 2006 - the same year SuG was formed. Even though most of nana's former members are in new bands now they agreed to re-form the band! Their first live after the hiatus is at ESAKA MUSE on May 19th.

This is the current line-up:
Vocal: yamaoki rei (ex-VALKYR, now in the birdman)
Bass: CHIYU (SuG)

Former nana-member ZeeF and support drummer yukari announced to participate in the band's first live. Check out their official youtube channel if you're interested in their music!

And there is more news coming from CHIYU! He formed a special band called "CHIYU with h RockerZ" that will hold their live at Takadanobaba AREA on June 17th. The line-up is quite interesting! All members are well-known from other bands and also CHIYU's younger brother TSUKASA will participate!

Vocal & Bass: CHIYU (SuG, nana)
Guitar: Mizuki (Sadie)
Guitar: TSUKASA (ex-ZUCK)
Drummer: Tohya (vistlip)

Source: MH, nana's twitter, chiyu's blog
Shared by: Keia
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