Perfume Unveils Short Preview For New Single "Magic of Love"

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Perfume Unveils Short Preview For New Single
Just a week ago, Perfume has revealed the full track list and album cover of their newest release "Magic of Love". Now, the techno-pop trio has unveiled the PV preview for their 18th single.

As reported before, the single is being used as the song for Kanro's "Pure Gummy" CM where the group also stars in. "Magic of Love" will be released on May 22.

Check out the 16-second teaser below!

[ytid=bQH5Zbe6caI][yttitle][SPOT] Perfume 「Magic of Love」[/yttitle][ytcontent]Perfume "Magic of Love"2013.05.22 on sale※カンロ「ピュレグミ」CMソング※日本テレビ系「スッキリ!!」5月テーマソング[/ytcontent]
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