Idol Groups Reveal the True Personalities of Other Idols

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Idol Groups Reveal the True Personalities of Other Idols
No one knows K-Pop idol better than other K-Pop idols. When the variety show Weekly Idol conducted a survey, the true personalities of some of the most popular idols were revealed.

Celebrity #1: L.Joe of Teen Top

According to his fellow members, Niel, Ricky, and Chang Jo, L.Joe is an "Angel on stage, demon off stage!!!!!", a "Cute hyung vs player hyung", and "He really has absolutely no charisma!".

Celebrity #2: L of Infinite

While L nominated fellow member Sung Kyu (according to L, he wants the group leader to "Show us your real self"), many believed that it is L who should show his real self. Infinite members said "He has two faces", "It's not the same person..", "L and Myungsoo are different people…", "He's cool on stage, but he's not cool anymore", and "He has a chic image, but he’s actually lively and fun". The Infinite members are not the only ones who thinks so, because if you asked TEEN TOP's C.A.P, Rainbow's Ji Sook, and Hello Venus' Ara, you would learn that, "He seems like a cold city pretty boy but he's actually weird", and has a"Cold image vs bright, nice manner-man". Apparently, as a fan "You're all being fooled".

Celebrity #3: Taemin of SHINee

Taemin chose himself in the survey, and explained "I'm professional on stage". Teen Top's L.Joe, VIXX's Leo, and Dal Shabet's Ah Yong all agreed. "He's cool…", "I'm amazed by the gap he has on and off stage. I focus on him", and "He explodes with charisma on stage!!!".

Celebrity #4: HyunA of 4Minute

Although this may not come as a surprise to many fans, Rainbow's Woo Ri, VIXX's Ravi, Boyfriend's Jeong Min, and Dal Shabet's Serri all agreed that "She’s really sexy but she has a really cute personality!!", "Her being both sexy and cute is proof that she's a very charming person!", "She’s sexy, but off stage she’s cute", and "If you talk to her, she's a really cute dongseng".

Celebrity #5: Suzy of Miss A

In regards to the youngest member of Miss A,SISTAR's Hyorin, Hello Venus' Yooyoung, and Girl's Day's Minah and Hyeri, would say that "She's really easy going!", "Unlike her pretty appearance, I was charmed seeing her laughing easily and honestly~", "She seems innocent, but she's easygoing", and "She's easy going!!".

Now that you've read the responses of the K-Pop idols, do any of the answers surprise you?
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