Tsubasa Imai Visits Nihon University As A Lecturer

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Tsubasa Imai Visits Nihon University As A Lecturer
On April 26, member of the JE idol duo Tackey & Tsubasa, Tsubasa Imai has visited Nihon University-Mishima campus in Shizuoka and served as a lecturer talking about Spain to over 400 students from the International Relations faculty. This is the first time that a Johnny's talent was chosen as a lecturer for a university.

Upon appearing at the hall wearing a gray suit, cheers from the students went up and he greeted them with "Hola" (Hello in Spanish) as well as expressed his gratefulness to the university and Professor Sumita for giving him the opportunity to be an instructor for that day.

Imai impressively prepared for his lecturing which focused mainly on first year students and is considered as a freshman beginner talk.

Imai started to develope interest in Spain when he went there in August 2007 to study the Flamenco dance in preparation for a stage play role. It continued on as he even learned Spanish and became part of NHK Spanish Learning Program in 2011. He was also chosen as the Spanish Cultural Special Ambassador because of his great knowledge about Spain.
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