Kazuya Kamenashi Appears At Worldwide Premiere of "Ore Ore" in Italy

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Kazuya Kamenashi Appears At Worldwide Premiere of
On April 19, KAT-TUN's Kazuya Kamenashi appeared at the 15th Far East Film Festival for the premiere of his movie "Ore Ore" held in Udine, Italy. It is Kamenashi's first time to attend a film festival and watch the movie with the audience consisting of his international fans.

Fans gave out the highest screams as Kamenashi entered the stage with the film's director Miki Satoshi. The film was screened at 11PM and despite the late showing, the seats were all taken, showing how Italian fans support the JE idol and how he gained such popularity internationally. Right after the screening, fans were very lucky to be accommodated by Kamenashi through picture takings and autograph signings for 40 minutes.

"Ore Ore" tells the story of 'Hitoshi Nagano', an electronics retail store worker who suddenly act many personalities from a high school student, a big-breasted lady to a military enthusiast. Kamenashi was challenged to do 33 different roles in this movie. The film was based on the original novel by Tomoyuki Hoshino.

"Ore Ore" (It's Me, It's Me) will be released on May 25 and KAT-TUN have provided their single "FACE To Face" to be the film's theme song.

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