Utada Hikaru Made A Home Production For Radio Show "KUMA POWER HOUR"

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Utada Hikaru Made A Home Production For Radio Show
Utada Hikaru (30) tweeted on April 10 that she has already sent the first episode recordings of her radio show "KUMA POWER HOUR" to InterFM.

One of her followers replied to her tweet and asked if she has done it at home, Utada replied back and confirmed that she indeed made a "home-production" instead of recording it in a studio as she has done the opening music, personally chose the songs that will be played, recorded the talk segment and even edited the whole episode at home. The singer confessed that it wasn't easy but it seems like she wants to be meticulous and hands on in the radio program that's why she opted to do it there.

"KUMA POWER HOUR with Utada Hikaru" will be hosted once a month by the popular singer/songwriter/producer and will start airing via InterFM every third Tuesday of the month beginning on April 16.
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