Mayday Holds Free Concert Despite H7N9 Bird Flu Scare

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Mayday Holds Free Concert Despite H7N9 Bird Flu Scare
Keeping a promise made to fans last year, Mayday held a free concert in Shanghai despite growing concerns over H7N9, a new strand of the bird flu with the potential to become the country's next big epidemic.

1 1/2 years ago, Mayday released China's first 3D film, "MAYDAY 3DNA", which told the intersecting story of 3 different people whose stories converged with them attending the band's concert in Shanghai. With a box office total of 140 million TWD (4.7 million USD), the band promised at the time to hold 3 free concerts.

The band performed for free in Beijing on April 5th without holding back just because it was free. They played for more than 2 hours, giving the audience a memorable performance.

The day after the Beijing concert, Mayday performed in Shanghai, an area at the center of the H7N9 bird flu scare. 16 people have been diagnosed with the new disease, with 6 having died so far. As a precaution, the band wore face masks while in the city and traveling to prevent the spread of the disease in case human-to-human transmission is possible, a possibility health officials can only hope doesn't come true.

Bird flu has been an ongoing problem for China since 2003 when H5N1 began to spread, killing 300 people. With the threat from that strain of minimal concern, the new H7N9 strand has people once again fearful of the disease. Despite these concerns, nearly 10,000 people showed up for the free concert.
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