Haruma Miura, Ryoko Shinohara & Naohito Fujiki in New Drama

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Haruma Miura, Ryoko Shinohara & Naohito Fujiki in New Drama
Fuji TV's new drama "Last Cinderella" stars Haruma Miura, Ryoko Shinohara and Naohito Fujiki.

The drama revolves around a 39-year-old vice store manager of the beauty parlor "HAPPY-GO-LUCKY" named 'Sakura Toyama' (Shinohara). She is a popular demand among the store's customers because of her good skills. Being devoted to her work, she has not been paying attention to herself and didn't realize she has already grown beard hairs on her chin which she believes is the result of hormonal issues and over fatigue from work. Because of this, and being frightened that she might turn into a man she decided to attend a party where she meets 'Hiroto Saeki' (Miura) whom she'll then be involved with. She also develops a love interest with the manager of "HAPPY-GO-LUCKY", 'Rintaro Tachibana' (Fujiki) who has a wicked tongue. Despite not having a boyfriend for 10 years she will be encountering romance with these two.

"Last Cinderella" will be featuring a theme called 'Oyaji Joshi' (Old-guy woman) and will start airing on April 11 at 10PM. Other cast members are EXILE's Naoto, Nene Otsuka, Nanao and Naoko Iijima.

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