KAT-TUN's New Single To Be Released in May

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KAT-TUN's New Single To Be Released in May
KAT-TUN will be releasing their newest single "FACE to Face" next month in time with the premiere of the film Ore Ore which stars member, Kazuya Kamenashi. The single will be used as the theme song for the new movie which will premiere in Japan on May 25.

The First Press Limited Edition will include the untitled solo song of Junnosuke Taguchi which is also written by himself and a DVD with the PV of Junno's song plus a special bonus video footage.

While the Limited Edition comes with another new song which the title has not been released yet too and its corresponding PV & Making Of. The Regular Edition includes one more untitled track and the single "DRAMATIC" which is used as the main theme song for NTV's baseball broadcasting show "Dramatic Game 1844".

Like the usual, these three singles will have different covers and the song "FACE to Face will finally be out on May 15.
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