KAT-TUN's Yuichi Nakamaru Graduates From Waseda University

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KAT-TUN's Yuichi Nakamaru Graduates From Waseda University
On March 26th, KAT-TUN member Yuichi Nakamaru finally got his diploma from the Waseda University Faculty of Human Sciences after studying for 5 years.

Nakamaru enrolled in 2008 and took online classes all through out his course. He determinedly studied about welfare and the environment while juggling with his idol career. He has the image of an ideal celebrity as he proves that working won't get in the way with studying as he even got an A+ mark for his 37,000-character and letter thesis paper with the theme “Localization of Dark Music”.

Along with the 12,000 fellow graduates, the KAT-TUN member wore a crest kimono during the graduation ceremony which was held in the University itself (Shinjuku, Tokyo campus). He is also the first talent of JE who graduated from Waseda University. “I only realized I was graduating until I received this. I was moved. To me, at the time, graduating seemed a little impossible since I entered university 6 years after graduating high school, I was happy with just attending back then”, as he expressed his thoughts about his tertiary attainment.

Check out these photos from Nakamaru's graduation!

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