SHINee's Onew Under Scrutiny For Smoking Electronic Cigarette

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SHINee's Onew Under Scrutiny For Smoking Electronic Cigarette
Photos of SHINee's Onew apparently smoking an electronic cigarette have caused a stir among netizens as the idol's innocent image continues to be tarnished.

The photos in question were taken while Onew was supposedly on a date with After School's Jung Ah, a relationship which Pledis Entertainment has dismissed.

Last week, Onew faced more controversy when a photo of him giving someone the middle finger during a radio broadcast shocked netizens with his rude, careless display. SM Entertainment later stated what he did was wrong and that he would be reflecting upon his actions.

Fans of Onew have faced surprise after surprise over the past week, causing some to start looking upon him negatively. "You were my ideal person, but now I don't care about you anymore," one netizen wrote.

Others have come to Onew's defense, stating that he should be free to live his life the way he wants.
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