KAT-TUN's Yuichi Nakamaru Made a Buzz Among Chinese Netizens

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KAT-TUN's Yuichi Nakamaru Made a Buzz Among Chinese Netizens
While on their radio show "Gatsun", KAT-TUN members Yuichi Nakamaru and Koki Tanaka answered some of their fans' random questions on air, making this an unusual segment for their show. A transcript of the conversation is done below:

Fan Q: Which historical figure do you like the most?

Nakamaru: Tojo Hideki.
Koki: Who is that? I can't remember.
Nakamaru: He's from WWII.
Koki: Oh, that's pretty recent.
Nakamaru: Yes, it's recent.
Koki: Yes, so you like that period?
Nakamaru: Yes I like a lot of historical figures from 1914-1945.
Koki: I thought you were going to say Showa or Meiji periods. But based on personality I don't think you would like the warlords.
Nakamaru: Yeah, I don't know them.

A Chinese fan of Johnny's Entertainment heard this and was surprised by what Nakamaru said. He was even ranked #7 among the trending topics on Weibo a couple of days after the clip went out. The incident worried fans about Johnny's talents' reputation since Nakamaru's answer did not seem to match the real information about the history making him look like uneducated, according to the Chinese netizens. Although before this, Nakamaru was admired by Chinese JE fans. Some fans even defended Nakamaru.


Tojo Hideki was a Japanese general during the World War II and was a prime minster as well. He was also the one who led the conquering of China. Hideki was said to be the one responsible for the Pearl Harbor attacks too.
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