J-Pop Artists Reach Out To Thai Fans

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J-Pop Artists Reach Out To Thai Fans
Taguchi Junnosuke of KAT-TUN, singer Piko, actress Kanno Miho, and Tokyo Girls' Style rallied together to celebrate music with foreign fans at the J Series Festival in Bangkok.

The group, consisting of popular Japanese entertainers, took a recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Here they were able to connect one-on-one with their large Thai fan base through interviews and performances. "We were really surprised that Thai fans knew about us and the warm welcome was great," exclaimed Miyu Yamabe, leader of idol group Tokyo Girls' Style. Sharing Miyu's enthusiasm, Piko stated "I have gone just about everywhere in Thailand several times. I love the country."

Piko, the 25-year old singer, is known as "Ryouseirui" to his fans, a term that aims to illustrate his impressive vocal range. He released his debut album, "1Piko," in 2011. His sophomore release, "2Piko," made its appearance last year. Under the Sony Music Entertainment label, Piko lent his voice to the first ever Sony Vocaloid, Utatane Piko. His latest effort, "Hitokoe," introduces collaborations between the artist and popular Vocaloids Gumi and Miku Hatsune.

Piko explains how Japanese artists are able to remain so close with their Thai fans through the use of sites like Twitter. "They write me in Japanese." he says. "It's great to see so many of them at this festival. I'm at my happiest when the audience participates in my concerts."

Both Tokyo Girls' Style and Piko performed live at the festival, while Junnosuke and Miho were able to promote their dramas. Junnosuke introduced his character Kaga, a spy, in the drama "Legal High." Miho worked to build hype for her 2003 drama "Ooku" (Inner Palace), with a greater concentration on her latest, "Saka no Ue no Kumo" (Cloud Above the Slope).

The pair look forward to the fans experiencing their TV dramas for the first time. Miho acknowledges that while filming the shows can be tiring, the result is worth it in the end. "I hope that Thai people will learn about Japanese culture through the series." remarks Junnosuke.

When asked how he is able to keep fit for the filming of "Legal High," Junnosuke laughed, claiming that his secret is to avoid sleeping before a shoot. "My show is a comedy, so the atmosphere on the set is fun." Junnosuke observed. 36-year old actress Miho says she likes to keep trim by practicing yoga.

All five of the Tokyo Girls' Style members say they enjoyed their first trip to Thailand and anticipate their return to the country.

The J Series Festival took place at the Siam Pavalai Theater in Bangkok.
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