baroque to Release Two Albums and Two DVDs

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baroque to Release Two Albums and Two DVDs
baroque fans have a lot to look forward to within the upcoming months! The band announced the release of two albums and two live DVDs.

We already talked about the track list of their best album “Complete Collection 2001-2004 and the different types of the upcoming new album “non-fiction” two months ago. More information is available now!

non-fiction” that will be released on April 3rd in 3 types includes the following 12 songs:

01. majo to ringo
02. monodrama
03. afureru wa junjou
04. mellow hollow
05. shitsudo
06. kizuna
07. nakayubitateru
08. tatoeba kimi to boku
09. zazafuri ame
10. nanzennanmannanoku no kimi e no omoi
11. rinzen identity
12.teeny-tiny star

Limited Edition Type A costs 4500 Yen and comes with a DVD including PV Type A and a deluxe booklet. Type B costs 3800 Yen and comes with a DVD including PV Type B. The Regular Edition is CD-only but includes the bonus track “kizuna (acoustic version)”. It costs 3150 Yen.
Sasabuchi Hiroshi, ex-member of Plastic Tree, played the drums for every song except track 7 and 13.

The two live DVDs will be released one month later, on May 15th, and they will cost 4200 Yen. The first one is titled “TOUR baroque genshou dai4genshou“ and includes footage of their live at NHK HALL on November 7th last year.
The second DVD titled “TOUR baroque genshou dai0genshou” includes footage of their live at Akasaka BLITZ on March 3rd, 2013.

What do you think about all those releases?
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