Court Rejects Open World Entertainment CEO's Appeal To Reduce Prison Sentence

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Court Rejects Open World Entertainment CEO's Appeal To Reduce Prison Sentence
Despite appealing his prison sentence for sexually assaulting his female trainees, Open World Entertainment CEO Jang Suk Woo will be serving 6 years in prison after courts repealed his appeal.

Jang Suk Woo was involved a huge scandal last year when he was charged with sexually assaulting and raping his female trainees, as well as forcing the male idols in his company to do the same. After months of legal battles, the CEO plead guilty to the sexual harassment charges, receiving 6 years in prison as his sentence.

After pleading guilty to his crime, Jang Suk Woo quickly appealed the length of his prison sentence, believing his work as an entertainment company's CEO and helping the spread of the Hallyu Wave showed that he was a good person and a valuable member of society.

The court was not sympathetic with the CEO's arguments. "After signing a contract with his victims, he used his position of power to violate their sexual and personal rights, giving them mental pain that will be difficult to recover from throughout their entire life," the court stated.

Many netizens do not feel the CEO's punishment is harsh enough for his crimes. Their has also been a general sense of ridicule directed at his attempt to reduce his sentence.
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