DEMPAGUMI meet Indonesian fans at “Kokoro No Tomo” Launch Event

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DEMPAGUMI meet Indonesian fans at “Kokoro No Tomo” Launch Event
Tenpa Gumi.inc (also known as Dempagumi), an idol group from Akihabara district, held a fanmeeting event in Indonesia called “When Bunka Meets Budaya” to promote a new local program in which they will be involved in named “Kokoro No Tomo”.

“When Bunka Meets Budaya” , which means “cultural meeting between Indonesia and Japan”, was held on February 16th and featured both Indonesian and Japanese cultural dances, music and performances. Check the photos from the event below!

Even if Dempagumi’s member Furukawa Mirin couldn’t join her companion during the event, the whole group expressed their happiness for having the possibility of meeting new culture and people and expressed their excitation for starting “Kokoro No Tomo”.

“Kokoro No Tomo” will be transmitted by local MetroTV and hosted by Amanda Zevanya, Miss Indonesia 2011, and will feature documentaries about extraordinary Japanese backgrounds. The program will also provide native Indonesian people who will tell their stories of living and having success in Japan.
If you want to know more about Japan, we advise you to watch “Kokoro No Tomo” on Metro TV on Sunday 9.05 AM!
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