NU'EST's Aron Injures Right Thigh Muscle

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NU'EST's Aron Injures Right Thigh Muscle
NU'EST member Aron has injured his right thigh muscle on February 13th, calling into question whether he will be able to perform with the group for their comeback stages on upcoming music programs.

Aron was practicing choreography for the group's showcase when he began experiencing pain in his right thigh. The idol was taken to the hospital where a doctor diagnosed a muscle injury.

Aron was given emergency treatment at the hospital in order for him to be present at NU'EST's showcase. He will be returning to the hospital for a follow up examination and further treatment.

With Aron's muscle injury still causing him pain, it is uncertain whether the idol will be performing on music stages in the coming days. The group has just released their new mini album "Hello" and will be performing the title track on music shows such as "M! Countdown" for the first time at the end of the week.

NU'EST's new music video, "Hello", was release earlier today. Be sure to check it out below:

[ytid=9GdT1R2K6FE][yttitle][MV] NU'EST(뉴이스트) - 2nd mini album '여보세요' _Full[/yttitle][ytcontent]"FACE", "Action" 등 기존 아이돌과는 차별화된 음악과 퍼포먼스, 독특한 패션 스타일로 남자 그룹의 새로운 모델을 제시하며 가요계...[/ytcontent]
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