Victor Entertainment Releases New Omnibus in March

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Victor Entertainment Releases New Omnibus in March
Victor Entertainment announced the release of a new omnibus that will drop on March 27th!

This time 15 Visual Kei bands came together to produce a CD including one song of each band. Many of those songs are quite new or not even released yet! The omnibus is called “TREASON –The cutting edge of Rock press-“ and costs 3000 Yen. Check out the track list below:

01.Crack6 - Loveless
02.OZ - Again:st
03.Kiryu - Etsu to Utsu
04.GALEYD - Masquerade
05.Misaruka - -Juliet-
06.JokArt au Legal - Moudoku cracker
07.Grieva - Chuuzetsu
08.Royz - Tear drop
09.Annie's Black - Devote
10.WING WORKS - Mujin Tenkuu Destrudo
11.Hana Shounen Baddies - Banana
12.FEST VAINQUEUR - Yuki no Hate no Venus
13.amber gris - for crying out loud.
14.GOTCHAROCKA - Samurai dreeeeeam breaker
15.D - Night-ship"D"

The first press comes with a special booklet!

What do you think about the track list? Are there bands and songs you’re interested in?
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