AKB48's Minami Minegishi Demoted To Trainee, Shaves Head As Punishment For Scandal

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AKB48's Minami Minegishi Demoted To Trainee, Shaves Head As Punishment For Scandal
AKB48 member Minami Minegashi has been demoted to trainee status in AKB48 after a sex scandal involving her and GENERATIONS' Alan Shirahama came to light yesterday in the publication Shukan Bunshun.

Togasaki Tomonobu, AKB48's theater manager, made the announcement on his Google + page, stating, "We had decided to demote Minami Minegishi to become a member of team Trainee as her punishment for causing nuisance to the fans because of this scandal. This demotion will take effect on February 1, 2013. Moreover, we will give more information about her schedule as soon as details have been decided."

Minegashi recorded a YouTube video apologizing to fans for being involved in a sex scandal. Immediately noticeable is the fact that the idol's hair has been shaved off. The singer shares that she did this herself as punishment for the scandal.

"It was a thoughtless act and I was completely lacking self-awareness as a senior member of AKB48...Although I didn't think I would be forgiven for doing this, the first thought that went through my head was 'I don't want to leave AKB48'. This is a place where I've blossomed together with my dear group mates, and it's unimaginable to even think about leaving the group," Minegashi stated.

According to a report from Shukan Bunshun, Minegashi made a late night visit to Shirahama's house on January 17th. The idol spent the night with him, leaving the next morning with a mask on to try to conceal her identity.

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