Members of Kagerou and Sel’m Formed New Band

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Members of Kagerou and Sel’m Formed New Band
Good news for fans of Sel’m and Kagerou: Some of the members decided to form a new band called “STEREO.C.K”!
The band had their debut only a few days ago, on January 25th, and their next live will be at Shinjuku Loft’s 14th anniversary on March 21st.

Here’s the full line up:
Vocal: Sena (ex-girugamesh, Sel’m)
Guitar: Yuuna (ex-Sweet Hallucination, Alicia, Kagerou, boogieman)
Bass: Kazu (ex-Aioria, Kagerou, DIMMDIVISION, the god and death stars)

If you’re interested in their music, check out the band’s official youtube channel! They’ve uploaded previews of two songs.

What do you think about them? Are you happy that they're back?
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