Aimer Announces 5th Single "RE:I AM"

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Aimer Announces 5th Single
Aimer will be releasing her 5th single "RE:I AM" on March 20th.

The new track will be her first new release in 7 months, her last being "Anata no Deawanakereba~Kasetsu Toka~/Hoshikuzu Veus" on August 15th, 2012.

The A-side track has been chosen to the theme song for the 6th episode of the anime series "Mobile Suit Gudam UC". Trailer for the episode has been released which features the song being played in the background, marking the song's first preview.

[ytid=nnYbi1BPfrI][yttitle]" Mobile Suit Gundam UC" episode 6 Trailer #1[/yttitle][ytcontent]機動戦士ガンダムUC episode 6 プロモーション映像(ショートバージョン) "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" episode 6 Trailer #1機動戰士高達獨角獸6...[/ytcontent]

While the single A-side track exhibits the singer's strength, the B-side tracks, "Hoshi n Kieta Yoru ni" and "Kyo Kara Omoide", expressed gentleness and sorrow respectively, giving listeners the chance to experience 3 different themes all in one single.

The new single will come in a Regular Edition and a Limited Edition. The Limited Edition will include a DVD containing the music video for "RE:I AM".

Check out the single's track list below:


1. RE:I AM
2. Hoshi no Kieta Yoru ni
3. Kyo kara Omoide
4. RE:I AM (Instrumental)
5. Hoshi no Kieta Yoru ni (Instrumental)
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