Aya Matsuura And w-inds. Member Keita Tachibana "Preparing To Get Married"

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Aya Matsuura And w-inds. Member Keita Tachibana
Aya Matsuura and w-inds. member Keita Tachibana are set to get married soon, according to sources for Nikkan Sports.

According to reports, Matsuura and Tachibana have been dating since 2001 after making their musical debut in the same year. Recently, the two have been spending more time together and have moved into an apartment in Tokyo together.

"We can say that they are preparing to get married. They have already visited each other's parents and have their approval," an anonymous source for Nikkan Sports stated.

It is believed that the couple's decision to get married stems from Matsuura's endometriosis diagnosis, a medical condition that can lead to infertility. If the couple wanted to have a baby together, time would be running out as the disease progressed.

"Tachibana has always supported Matsuura during her rest, even as his solo debut was being worked on. Since Matsuura had hoped to be married before 25, there's a big change that they will get married before her 27th birthday in June," a source stated.

No confirmation from either party regarding their marriage plans has been made at this time.
Source: jpopasia.com
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