Jay Chou Wants "Gangnam Style" Craze To End

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Jay Chou Wants
Jay Chou has called upon Chinese artists to stop doing the "Gangnam Style" dance, stating that Chinese music is better.

The singer spoke to reports before the Golden Horse Awards ceremony in Beijing, urging Chinese artists to unite and stay ahead of Korean wave.

"All artists should unite. Don't 'Gangnam Style' anymore," he said.

To bring Chinese music back into the spotlight in China, Jay Chou also urged Chinese people to listen to more Chinese music and support the country's artists. He sees the Hallyu wave as becoming too powerful in the country because Korean artists are getting more attention than Chinese ones.

Despite his call for a national focus on Chinese music, some people believe he is being hypocritical. The singer recently dyed his hair blonde, which many people point out is also a trend for Korean artists.

"Blonde hair is European and American, right? Plus in the MV 'Fine Day' I dyed my hair. I've never had blonde hair since I debuted," the singer said in defense of his new hair.
Source: jpopasia.com
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