Morning Musume's Reina Tanaka To Graduate From Group & Hello! Project

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Morning Musume's Reina Tanaka To Graduate From Group & Hello! Project
Morning Musume member Reina Tanaka has decided to leave the group and Hello! Project, focusing her time on developing her new band.

The announcement was made on November 18th during Morning Musume's Tokyo performance as part of their "Morning Musume. Tanjou 15 Shunen Kinen Concert Tour 2012 Fall ~Colorful Character~" tour. "Next spring, I, Reina Tanaka will graduate!," she happily told the crowd.

Back in June, the singer revealed through her blog that she was forming her own band, and allowed people to apply to be a part of it. After a lackluster turnout for the first round of applications, the singer called upon people again, this time finding the perfect people for her band.

At the concert, Tanaka introduced the new members of her upcoming band. Marina Okada, 19, will become the band's vocalist. Marin Myazawa, 19, and Yuki Uozumi, 21, will be the band's guitarists.

"From now on, the 4 of us will go on as a band, though we don't have a name yet," Tanaka stated.

With her graduation this spring, the newly formed band plans on starting their activities this spring as well. The band will focus mainly on performing live.
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