PSY Accused Of Being Part Of The Illuminati Conspiracy

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PSY Accused Of Being Part Of The Illuminati Conspiracy
PSY and his viral hit "Gangnam Style" have been accused of being part of the Illuminati conspiracy and of worshiping Satan.

A video posted on YouTube explaining the ties PSY supposedly has to the Illuminati has been gaining attention on the internet. The video points out things such as the album's release date, 7-15-2012, can add up to 666, the mark of the beast. The video also claims you can hear "The Star has come" during the song, a reference to Satan in Freemasonry.

Illuminati symbolism was also found by the director of the video. PSY's 6th album cover resembles the Horus' Eye, while the mermaid shape represents Dagon, a Pagan god.


According to the video, "Gangnam Style" has become as popular as it is because the Illuminati promoting it, helping the spread of Freemasonry.

Like most claims of famous people being involved with the Illuminati, most people remain skeptical of the Illuminati conspiracy.

You can check out the video explaining PSY's supposed ties to the Illuminati below:

[ytid=qj69hI7p4jw][yttitle]Psy Gangnam Style Illuminati Symbols 싸이 강남 스타일 일루미나티 심볼[/yttitle][ytcontent]The viral Gangnam Style song has Illumanti symbols, suggesting that Psy may be joining the Illuminati group.싸이의 6집 강남스타일에 있는 일루미나티 심볼.[/ytcontent]
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