Tomohisa Yamashita Discusses Being A Solo Artist For The Past Year

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Tomohisa Yamashita Discusses Being A Solo Artist For The Past Year
Last October, Tomohisa Yamashita left NEWS to focus on his solo career. A year later, the singer sat down for an interview to discuss the challenges he's faced going solo as well as what he wants for his future.

"Although for the past year I've realized how immature I was, going solo has been satisfactory. Looking back, I was very spoiled by having the members. Still, I have no regrets," Yamashita said about being solo this past year.

One of the things Yamashita learned from being solo this past year was that concerts are completely different when done on your own. The singer studied the way great performers like Michael Jackson and Madonna carried themselves on stage to help improve his solo performances.

"I watched the way they handled themselves onstage; the way they walk, sing, body expressions, and how they handle the atmosphere. When there was no dance choreography, I sang in place even though I was free to do my own moves. Now I know not to overlook that part," he shared.

Since going solo, Yamashita has received attention for the acting roles he has booked. One role is as a celebrity detective in the new series "MONSTERS", co-starring with SMAP's Katori Shingo. Because he doesn't have much experience with comedy roles, he studied various movies to improve his acting.

"I studied some words and expressions that I can't do...I want be someone who can do various roles, and to just to see the world in different light," he said.

Looking towards the future, the singer has been studying English for the past year. His hope is to one day be cast in an Hollywood movie. Though his journey has been a difficult one, Yamashita hopes that in the future all his hard work and struggles will pay off.
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