Sexy Zone Announces First Album "one Sexy Zone"

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Sexy Zone Announces First Album
Sexy Zone will be releasing their first album "one Sexy Zone" on November 14th.

The new album will include 15 tracks, including their past singles such as "Sexy Zone" and "Lady Diamond".

The new album will come in 4 different editions: Regular Edition, Limited Edition, Lawson HMV Limited Edition and Sexy Zone SHOP Limited Edition.

All Limited Edition versions and the first press copies of the Regular Edition will come of 2 trading cards: one of the entire group, and 1 of 5 individual member cards.

The Limited Edition album will come with a DVD containing special footage from Las Vegas, including their 1st anniversay commemorative interview.

The Lawson HMV Limited Edition will come with a DBD containing a music video collection of the group along with a behind-the-scenes look at the album's photo shoot.

The Sexy Zone SHOP Limited Edition will come with an 1st anniversary memorial ticket holder.
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