A-Mei Chang's Weight Fluctuation Sends Netizens Into A Frenzy

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A-Mei Chang's Weight Fluctuation Sends Netizens Into A Frenzy
Netizens caused a stir online after comparing A-Mei Chang's weight in her latest music video with her weight at a recent concert, shocked at her dramatic weight gain.

The singer released the music video for the song "Rift" last week, a new song off her upcoming album. The song brings back A-Mei Chang's edgy alter ego Amit, and as many netizens noted, a slimmer look.

During a recent concert event "China's Voice", the singer surprised people with a round face, a big difference from the sharp jawline on display in the video.

"Of course it was shot a month ago," her agent said, explaining how it was possible for her to be so much bigger now than she was in her video. He also shared that the singer is riding her bike home every day to help her lose weight again.

A-Mei Chang explained that her family easily gains weight and swell up; however, she works with her body, living a healthy lifestyle, but keeps someone around to adjust her costumes while on tour for those times she gains weight.

"I guess my doppelganger Amit is just thinner than me," she said while laughing.

A-Mei Chang's new album is expected to be release at the beginning of next year.
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