JpopAsia Podcast Episode 3

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JpopAsia Podcast Episode 3
It's the third episode, everyone! Welcome back if you've been here before, and welcome to the party if you've just gotten here!


As usual, we'll be diving into an assortment of entertainment news first! We'll be touching on GACKT's recent scandal, MBLAQ's Lee Joon opening up about his childhood, Show Luo canceling his activities in Japan, YUI's upcoming tribute album, and IU's newfound hobby.

For this episode, we decided to change things up a bit for the song recommendation section! The theme was to think of songs from artists/bands who are on hiatus/broken up. Be warned that our definition of being on hiatus is rather loose (haha).

Listed below are the song recommendations as well as links to check them out!
the brilliant green - Stand By Me
Faye Wong - Hong Dou
Ellegarden - Koukasen

Honey l Days - Manazashi
Joe Inoue - Closer
Jay’ed - Zutto Issho

school food punishment - sea-through communication
Fuyumi Abe - Birthday
Utada Hikaru - First Love

And, that's a wrap, folks!

We want to hear from you too! Suggestions, constructive criticism, and feedback in general, are highly welcomed and encouraged!

Thank you so much for listening! Please tune in again for the next installment!

p/s: All podcast episodes will be posted in the Announcements forum forum, so when you miss an episode, you can always find the link to stream it!

Disclaimer: All opinions and views expressed in the above podcast are of the respective crew members' and theirs only. They are not meant to be reflective of JpopAsia as a whole.
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