[Exclusive] JpopAsia's Interview With Weaver

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[Exclusive] JpopAsia's Interview With Weaver
Weaver has returned the Singapore. Earlier this year, the band participated in "A-Sketch Special" on March 13th. The band returned to Singapore for the concert event "A-Sketch Special Vol. 2".

Before the show, JpopAsia had the opportunity to ask the band a few questions. Check out our exclusive interview with the band below:

[ytid=rmqhwYSBplk][yttitle]Weaver Video Message[/yttitle][ytcontent]Video message from Weaver to the Singapore fans![/ytcontent]

JPA: It’s your second time here in Singapore. How does it feel to be here once again?

Weaver: It’s really nice to be here for a second time. We didn’t know that we’d come back this soon, so we’re happy to see everyone again. And we also like to have the chance to evolve our performance and to include some songs that we didn’t manage to at the last performance.
JPA: What are some things that you want to achieve in the future that you have not done yet?

Weaver: Previously, we came here and performed with different bands (Applicat Spectra), but we’d like to have our own solo performance on our own at a live concert.
JPA: If you had a chance to play different musical instruments, what would you three choose?

Yuji Sugimoto: Before I became a pianist, I was also a guitarist, so I would play the guitar again. I definitely want to play the guitar one more time, but I also bought a new accordion, so I would like to challenge the accordion.

JPA: How long have you played the accordion?

Yuji Sugimoto: eh, 3 days? *laughs*

Toru Kawabe: I would like to play percussion instruments that requires my hands (not with drumsticks) for acoustic live.

Shota Okuno: On "MTV Unplugged: Weaver", I played the double bass, so I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Yuji Sugimoto: Actually, Toru and I can both play the guitar as well, so that means all 3 of us can play the guitar.
JPA: So would the three of you play a song with just guitars only?

Weaver: *laughter* No, it’s okay, just a joke *more laughter*.
JPA: What is the biggest dream that you have achieved through your music?

Weaver: We don’t have a single “biggest dream”, because if you think about soccer, scoring a goal is a dream, and you can have many dreams. Some would include playing at a big venue, playing outside of Japan, so all these little dreams have been achieved.
JPA: You mentioned that a dream of yours would to play outside of Japan, so which countries would that include?

Weaver: In Southeast Asia, we’ve played here in Singapore, and another location that we’d like to play in would be China.
JPA: Have you thought of collaborating with other bands or singers that are not from Japan?

Yuji Sugimoto: I would like to play with the Korean singer Jamila, who is the same age as me, and she also plays the piano as a solo singer.

Shota Okuno: I’d like to perform with Bump Of Chicken, because I grew up listening to their music and they are what inspired us to become a band, so if I could perform with them, it would be a great experience and honor for me.

Toru Kawabe: For me, I’d like to play with Mr Children and Spitz, not just collaborate with them, but to perform with them. I respect them greatly.
JPA: Do you think your music has changed over time?

Weaver: Well, there aren’t any big changes in the main concept, but the melody, the sound, the experiences, they’re all different.
JPA: Can you share some advice for the teenagers who face difficult problems?

Weaver: Chase your dreams, definitely. For us, we chased our little goals that we’ve wanted to achieve. You have to keep trying and look for these small goals.
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