GLAY's 7 Big Surprises

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GLAY's 7 Big Surprises
On July 29th GLAY revealed that fans can look forward to 7 big surprises!

And there is already information on the first surprise! GLAY will release their 46th and 47th single at the same time. The first one is titled “JUSTICE [from] GUILTY” and the second one “unmeiron” and both will drop on December 5th. They will come in two versions each. The Regular Edition is CD-only costing 1200 Yen, the Limited Edition includes a DVD and will cost 1800 Yen.

As 2nd surprise GLAY announced two albums for early 2013. The release date isn’t revealed yet but we know that both albums will – just like the singles – hit the stores on the same day. They are titled “JUSTICE” and “GUILTY”.

Let’s continue with Surprise 3! It’s a nation-wide arena tour that will start in Osaka. More information is not available.

Surprise 4 is something especially oversea fans can look forward to! In spring the band will go on oversea tour! Right now there aren’t dates or places announced yet but if more details are available we will inform you of course.

As 5th surprise GLAY will give a huge outdoor live in Hokkaido, GLAY's hometown.

Fullfilling their promise the band will hold a Tokyo Dome concert. This is the 6th surprise.

And the final surprise, No. 7, is the celebration of their 20th debut anniversary in the north-east Tohoku prefectures. They will be holding a live titled "GLAY EXPO" in 2014.

What are you looking forward to most?
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