Super Junior's Leeteuk Suffers From Scoliosis

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Super Junior's Leeteuk Suffers From Scoliosis
Super Junior member Leeteuk's trainer revealed that the idol suffers from scoliosis on the latest episode of SBS' "Star King".

During the episode, the singer showed off his body after 50 days of intense training for the show's "Buff King" contest. The trainer pointed out the the reason Leeteuk's muscles were a bit uneven is because the singer has scoliosis.

"His muscles have become crooked because of scoliosis, but he really tried his best," his trainer explained.

Leeteuk stated that his back has been bent ever since he got into a car accident.

Scoliosis is a medical condition in which the spine is bent to the side instead of going down in a straight line when viewed through an X-ray. The condition is typically not a serious threat to one's health.
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