Super Junior's Leeteuk Shares His Thoughts About Military Service

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Super Junior's Leeteuk Shares His Thoughts About Military Service
Super Junior's Leeteuk recently wrote several messages on Twitter about his soon enlistment. Tweets were directed to his Chinese fans, since they were coming back from Chinese events.

"Chinese ELFs gave us lots of presents! Thank you and I love you!! Today we shared love and happiness. I will return you even more in two years!!" he commented.

Then, Leeteuk started talking about his soon departure : "The thing that makes me the most sad is that I have go and leave you all like this. The time we spent together went by so fast, I will come back even better! I promise! Please watch over my little brothers (Super Junior's members)!I will be watching over you all! Let’s live without worries! I love you all!".

However, Leeteuk continues promoting Super Junior's activities and as a good leader he's working hard to not loose popularity, which is his biggest dread.
Source: jpopasia.com
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