Big Bang Members' Sexy Bods!

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Big Bang Members' Sexy Bods!
Big Bang's personal trainer, Hwang Ssabu recently released some pretty revealing topless pictures of the boys showing off their sexy bodies.

SeungRi's tattoo on his abs particularly drew a lot of attention with the netizens commenting that he oozes a masculine charm whereas, Daesung looks very sexy with his defined arm muscles when he flexed! G-Dragon has noticeably larger arm muscles which, is unexpected from his usual petite frame. As for Tae Yang, he's well known to have well-built body therefore, it's not so surprising.

What about T.O.P ? He can be spotted in the picture all covered up running on the treadmill and many have commented that it is rare of him to take his clothes off!

Meanwhile, they are all working hard to prepare for their Asia tour starting on September 28.
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