Joseph Cheng Leaves To Serve Mandatory Military Service

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Joseph Cheng Leaves To Serve Mandatory Military Service
Taiwanese actor, singer, and all-around entertainer Joseph Cheng takes his break from the entertainment business as he enlists in the army to fulfill his twelve months of mandatory military service.

According to xin msn, the 30-year old star of the drama It Started With A Kiss bids his fans a temporary farewell via video message and a handwritten letter.

He posted his letter on his official website, in which he revealed his reasons for leaving quietly,
"When you receive this letter, I would have already entered the army. Please forgive me for leaving without saying goodbye (as) I only hope to enlist and be discharged in an ordinary and low-key manner. (This is) a process that all males have to go through to become a man (and) I would like to be part of this as well."

Joseph's latest projects include Ripples of Love and Love Actually. Will you be looking forward to his return?
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