Oricon's Only★Star Live Ranking 2012

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Oricon's Only★Star Live Ranking 2012
In the latest issue of Only★Star magazine where popular group Arashi is the cover, 500 readers were surveyed about what concert do they "want to go or see" and concerts' they "want to go and see again".

In both categories, Arashi got the top spot. It was no surprise that the 5-member group lead both categories especially with their upcoming "AraFes" where the fans was given the chance to decide on the concert's setlist. Furthermore, readers commented that Arashi's concert DVDs makes them want to see the group live because of their charm and impressive production numbers.

Here is the full ranking:

I want to go/see ranking

1) Arashi

2) Mr. Children

3) Namie Amuro


5) Lady Gaga

6) Dreams Come True

7) AKB48

8) Kanjani8

9) Perfume


"I want to go/see again ranking"

1) Arashi

2) Kanjani8


4) KinKi Kids

5) Mr. Children

6) L’Arc~en~ciel


8) Yuzu

9) Namie Amuro

10) GLAY
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