Various Johnnys Group Featured in "Nintama Rantarou" 20th Anniversary Album

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Various Johnnys Group Featured in
NHK popular anime "Nintama Rantarou", which will be celebrating its 20th anniversary since it's released last Apr 1993, will be releasing a compilation album that consists of songs used for its opening and ending theme.

The said anime follows the adventures of Rantarou, his friends, and teachers at the Ninja School.

Most of the songs featured in the album are those performed by Johnny's old and new groups from Hikaru GENJI to Sexy Zone.

Here is the full tracklisting:

1) Yuuki 100% - Hikaru GENJI
2) Don't Mind Namida - Hikaru GENJI SUPER5
3) Shaking Night - Hikaru GENJI SUPER5
4) 0 Grade Champion - Junichi & JJr
5) Owara Nai SCHOOL DAYS - Junichi & JJr
6) Kou Shi Chai Rare Nai - Junichi & JJr
7) Nin'nin Shibobu Tama Ondo - SAY S
8) Sekai ga hitotsu naru made - Ya-Ya-Yah
9) Oh!ENKA - Kanjani8
10) Ai ni Mukatte - Kanjani8
11) Yume Shoku - Hey!Say!JUMP
12) Yume no tane - NYC
13) Kaze wo Kitte - Sexy Zone
14) Yuuki 100% - Sexy Zone

The "Nintama Rantarou" compilation album will be released on Sept 19th.
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