Arashi Dominates Only★Star's "Ideal Summer Boyfriend Ranking" 2012

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Arashi Dominates Only★Star's
In the latest issue of Oricon's Only★Star Magazine, they polled their female readers as to who they think is the ideal summer boyfriend depending on the situation. The poll was divided in 8 categories wherein Arashi's Sho Sakurai and Satoshi Ohno got 1st place in two categories each. Furthermore, artists who ranked 1st in other categories, are: Fukuyama Masaharu, Mukai Osamu, Mokomichi Hayami, and Aiba Masaki.

Satoshi Ohno ranked first place in two categories: "boyfriend you want to go to beach together" and "boyfriend you want to go camping together". Ohno's famous love for fishing is the reason why he got the top spot.

Next is Aiba Masaki who ranked 1st place in "boyfriend you want to go to zoo together" category because of his love for animals that evident in "Shimura Zoo" TV show.

Furthermore, Sho Sakurai also ranked 1st place in two categories for: "boyfriend you want to go to work with" and "boyfriend you want to study/learn with". Sakurai have always been viewed as an intellect, and some female readers also commented that they delusion an office romance with Sakurai.

Lastly, other 1st placers in other categories, are: Fukuyama Masaharu for "boyfriend you want to ask for an advise"; Mukai Osamu for "boyfriend you want to chill at home together"; and Mokomichi Hayami with "boyfriend you want to cook meals together".
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