baroque's Bassist Bansaku Is Missing

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baroque's Bassist Bansaku Is Missing
Unfortunate news has recently been reported that baroque's bassist Bansaku is currently missing. The last known contact from Bansaku was made on the afternoon of June 24th this month. baroque recently updated their OHP with an important announcement about the situation. Below is the translation and information regarding the story.

At this point in time, we are currently unaware of the location of baroque's bassist Bansaku. He hasn't contacted anyone since the afternoon of June24th. Everyone is currently searching for him, but he has yet to be found, and has resulted in sitting around and waiting for him to contact anyone. An official missing person report was filed, however information regarding what has happend is unknown.

As of June 26th, the nationwide tour "TOUR baroque Genshou Daisan Genshou Hageshiii Live House Tour" will go on, but the tour has been renamed to "TOUR baroque Genshou Daisan Genshou Hageshiii Live House Tour ~Bansaku wo Sagase~(Trans: Search for Bansaku)" to honor the member's wishes. Rather or not Bansaku shows up, the tour will still go on, and we hope you will understand.

We're very sorry to the fans for this inconvenience, but we truly believe that Bansaku will return, and all of the members will wait for him until the very last minute. So once again, we are truly sorry for announcing this so late, and we hope that you will understand and cooperate with us in a time like this.

When more details are known about Bansaku, we will announce them. If you have any sort of information about Bansaku's wearabouts, no matter how big or small, please contact our company: info@pigmy.jp

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