Mayday Wins Big At 23rd Golden Melody Awards

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Mayday Wins Big At 23rd Golden Melody Awards
The Chinese equivalent of the Grammys, the Golden Melody Awards, held its 23rd awards ceremony on June 23rd. After revealing the nominees last month, anxious artists found out who won the prestigious awards.

The biggest winner of the night was Mayday, who won 6 awards, including Best Mandarin Album, Best Band, Best Album Producer, Best Music Arranger, Best Composer and Best Song of the Year.

Wen Hsia, an 84-year old Taiwanese singer famous for turning Japanese songs into Taiwanese hits, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Check out a list of the winners of the major awards below:

Best Song Of The Year

Noah's Ark - Mayday
Perfect Landing - Luan Dan A Xiang
After Growing Up - a Chord Hsieh
Sing It Out Of Love - Tanya Chua
Those Years - Hu Xia

Best Mandarin Album

Second Round - Mayday
Perfect Life - Yoga Lin
MY LOVE - Hebe
No Crying - waa
Sing It Out Of Love - Tanya Chua
People - Dog-G

Best Music Video

Crazy Lonely - a Chord Hsieh
Imperial Army - Chthonic
MY LOVE - Hebe
Bird's Nest - Sodagreen
Old Love Song - Bobby Chen

Best Mandarin Male Artist

Luan Dan A Xiang
Yoga Lin
Eason Chan
Jay Chou
Jam Hsiao

Best Mandarin Female Artist

Tanya Chua
A-Lin Huang
Stefanie Sun
A-Mei Chang

Best Band

Tizzy Bac

Best New Artist

Ilid Kaolo
Wu Nan Ying
The Girl And The Robots
A-Fu Teng
Jess Lee
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