JpopAsia's Summer Playlist 2012

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JpopAsia's Summer Playlist 2012
Summer is upon us, and with it, plenty of chances to relax, have fun and enjoy life. To help you get through the hot season, JpopAsia's staff have put together a summer playlist to enjoy during your summer activities. From hot dance tracks to cool, soothing melodies, we have all the songs you need for the summer!


Cowazaki: Summertime? Then you can't go wrong with an AKB48 summer single! "Ponytail to Shushu" brings you to Guam to enjoy the hot summer. Enjoy this upbeat song as the girls dance on the beach under the clear blue sky.


Cowazaki: A year later, AKB48 released their second hair accessory themed summer single. This time they are wearing headbands on the beach. Isn't that perfect for people with long hair? Under that hot summer sun, it’s kind of cute right?


Keia: Not only does the PV give you a warm summer feeling, but the lyrics do as well! Lying on the beach with the one you love, enjoying the hot summer days. D=OUT's cover of W's "Koi no Vacance" is for everyone who is more into calmer songs, yet you probably won't be able to sit still listening to it!


Style: Every time you listen to this song, it makes you wanna run out of your house, go to the beach, and enjoy the summer heat with your friends. When you watch the music video and see original 5 members of Tohoshinki, it reminds you of what true friendship means in life.


Delilah: While most summer songs are all about having fun and being in love, "Summer Day" by Do As Infinity is the complete opposite. It talks about hating the summer season and everything associated with it. However, a twist in the song reveals that she only hates the summer because she got dumped; thus, completely ruining the summer for her.


Keia: If you listen to this song and watch the PV, you'll get a good idea what the song is about: having fun! Just have some fun and enjoy the day! With the repeating refrain, DOACOCK makes it hard to resist singing along. And singing along to an upbeat song is the perfect activity for a hot summer day!


Miki: f(x) is urging everyone to get out of stuffy classrooms and offices and enjoy the sun and the bright blue sky! This colourful video and upbeat song will get one into summer mood in no time. Even during cold winter days it will make you think of the coming summer and the warmth it brings. Get your sunglasses and ice cream ready - it's going to get hot!


Tomogachi: Summer is finally here! Leave all your stress and problems behind! To celebrate the beginning of summer this song immediately comes to mind. Jump around to this song's high energy rocking and screaming!


Kimi67: This 2009 summer anthem cames from none other than nation MC's Yoo Jae Suk. The song, called "Let's Dance", part of the Infinity Challenge Highway Festival, features the rap of legendary hip-hop artist Tiger JK and his wife Yoon Mirae (Tasha T.) as chorus vocalist. With catchy beats and comical lyrics, "Let's Dance" has been a big hit, topping all the digital charts! As a continuation of the comical lyrics, they also made a music video parodying the look from Big Bang and 2NE1's music video "Lollipop".


Aysohmay: Summer love can be a glorious experience. The sweet innocence found in a summer fling is perfectly capture in Girls' Generation's breakout hit "Gee". With their cute charms and infectious melody, let SNSD bring back those feelings of love.


Aysohmay: One of the definitive hits of the summer of 2011 was HyunA's "Bubble Pop". With its infectious beats, eye-catching music video, sexy choreography and HyunA's rocking body, the song remains a pop gem that's perfect to blast while driving around town on a bright, sunny day.


Aysohmay: Summer is the time for relaxing at the beach, sitting by the pool, laying in a hammock and enjoying a gentle breeze. Slow down, chill out and enjoy life just like Jolin Tsai says in her song "Yu Man Yu Mei Li".


Delilah: Having been born in Okinawa, it's no wonder why alternative band ORANGE RANGE has a penchant for making summer songs. "Shanghai Honey" is all about having a summer fling; a rendezvous under the bright red sun while partying on the beach. Lastly, Shanghai Honey wouldn't be complete without a sexy PV to match.


Keia: Summer, fireworks and first love. At first it seems like Royz's "Koi Hanabi" is a nice song about a couple watching fireworks which take place during the summer, but soon the couple gets separated due to the crowd of people and the girl ends up watching it alone. Even though the story isn't as happy as it seems to be in the beginning, the song has an upbeat sound and it's surely fun to listen to it!


Tomogachi: Uverworld's 8th single "Shaka Beach ! ~Laka Laka La~" uses Spanish guitar influences. The upbeat song is filled with energy that simply makes you want to dance. And watching the people in the video do the mambo makes you want to move your body too, right?


Miki: Ah, summer... A time when you can finally hit the beach, relax, and maybe find a new love! This playful video will definitely put a smile on your face. The boys from ZE:A are doing their best to impress a girl they really like. Happy and bubbly, with cute choreography, "Watch Out!" is a perfect summer track. You won't be able to stop yourself from humming this song all summer long!
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