Tsubasa Imai Appointed as Spanish Culture Envoy

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Tsubasa Imai Appointed as Spanish Culture Envoy
It has been earlier reported that Tackey&Tsubasa’s Hideaki Takizawa has been appointed as Ambassador of Goodwill in Micronesia; now, it’s Tsubasa’s turn to receive a different honor.

Last June 14th, Tsubasa Imai was appointed as Spanish Culture envoy; a special ceremony was done at Instituto Cervantes in Tokyo where Spanish Ambassador Miguel Ángel Navarro Portera gave him the award. The Johnny’s talent was given the title for his keen interest and efforts in promoting the Spanish language and culture in Japan. Tsubasa hopes to be the bridge that connects the two countries.

When he was asked if he has any message to his female Spanish fans, Tsubasa replied, “Te quiero”, which means “I love you” in Spanish.
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