Oricon Reveals Monthly Singles and Albums Charts (May 2012)

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Oricon Reveals Monthly Singles and Albums Charts (May 2012)
Here are the Oricon monthly singles and albums rankings for May 2012.
All feedback on the chart's layouts and comprehensiveness are welcomed!

Single Charts Top 30


Album Charts Top 30


*Sales figures in brackets are the accumulated sales from all previous months since the release date (including the month of this chart).
*Rankings are based on sales from 8th May to 4th June.
*Oricon reveals the top 50 releases as well.
For 31-50 rankings, please refer to HERE (singles) or HERE (albums)

*Top 10 artists of each category are tagged, unless not found in database*
*Next monthly charts shall follow up with sales from 5th June to 2nd July*

Think you have missed out on any charts previously?
Check out the previous months charts below!

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