Yamada Ryosuke and Yuri Chinen Talk About Their Shyness with Girls

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Yamada Ryosuke and Yuri Chinen Talk About Their Shyness with Girls
During the recent episode of TV show, "Kayou-Kyoku", Yamada Ryosuke and Yuri Chinen talk about being shy around the presence of girls. In the show's particular episode, Yamada Ryosuke and Yuri Chinen opens up about their shyness especially to one of the show's host- Makiko Esumi.

Yamada said that he's really bad when it comes to talking with girls. Chinen can relate with Yamada and said that during his last drama, "Saikou no Jinsei no Owari-kata ~Ending Planner~", which he co-starred with his senior- Tomohisa Yamashita; Chinen spent three months on the set but he has never gotten used to talking with others.

"I spent my free time staring at a duct tape," Chinen said.

Atsuko Maeda, who also co-starred with Chinen in the drama, said that what Chinen said was true. "Chinen would just sit in a corner of the dressing room and play with a duct tape," Maeda narrated.

After hearing the boys stories, Makiko Esumi advised them to refrain from using the word "shy". She said that it makes them look snobbish and might just push people away. She hoped that her advised will help the boys in the future.
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    JustAaliyah 6yr ago

    Awww bless them... how cute is that! But... 🤔 in my opinion there's nothing wrong with being shy, cause some people just are! So it's nothing to do with being snobbish at all as not everyone is as open and bubbly as some other people may be, especially for some young guys around girls. Of for some young girls around other guys. And there's also nothing wrong if one prefers to keep themselves to them self not only just because they are shy. 

    Just be who you are!  You're both just fine AS YOU ARE! image ain't everything... YOU, yourselves have to be comfortable in yourself that's the most important thing! So if you're not or not yet don't worry too much about it, you're both still so young.  It will get better when you gain more confidence in yourself to do so. So therefore You don't need the added pressure in your already, busy,  being popular lifestyle, to worry about how other people might preceive your shyness! 😉👍


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