Oricon's Only★Star " Top 10 Cute Male Artist Ranking 2012"

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Oricon's Only★Star
Oricon's Only★Star Magazine have just revealed their "Top 10 Cute Male Artist Ranking 2012". 1000 readers were polled as to who they think have grabbed their hearts just by having a "cute face". Readers based their votes by the person's character/personality, sparkling smile, and cuteness that makes you want to protect them.

Here are the results and some random comments from voters:

1) Koike Teppei - "He has a baby face, puppy eyes, and a cute personality all over."

2) Masaki Aiba (Arashi) - "He looks so cute in Shimura Zoo, people who loves animals are cute."

3) Yamada Ryosuke (Hey!Say!JUMP and NYC)- "He has a cute funny face, a sweet smile and cute voice."

4) Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)- "He always has a cute facial expression."

5) HYDE (L'Arc~en~Ciel)- "He is always impressive, cool, and mischievous durings MCs."

6) Yasuda Shota (Kanjani8)

7) Suzuki Fuku

8) Tsuyoshi Domoto (Kinki Kids)

9) Marius Yo (Sexy Zone)

10) Sato Shori (Sexy Zone)
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