AKB48's Tokyo Dome Schedule Determined, Atsuko Maeda to Graduate One Day Later

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AKB48's Tokyo Dome Schedule Determined, Atsuko Maeda to Graduate One Day Later
As with the title of AKB48's official blog "~Road to TOKYO DOME~", it has been their dream to be invited to perform at Tokyo Dome since the formation of the then unpopular idol group back in Dec 8, 2005.
Today, at the last day of Minogashita Kimitachie 2 concert, it's announced that AKB48 has been determined to perform at Tokyo Dome from 24th to 26th August for 3 days.

This is during the encore performance, when a video footage of Minami Takahashi visiting the HQ of Yomiuri Newspaper is suddenly played on the screen to about 2100 fans at the scene. Yomiuri Newspaper is the largest newspaper agency in Japan, and also the owner of the famous professional baseball team Yomiuri Giants, whose home is the Tokyo Dome. She met and spoke to the chairman of the company Tsuneo Watanabe, where he unveiled the performance dates to her.
Mr. Watanabe added that each day shall be filled with about 40,000 fans at the stadium, accumulating to over 100,000 fans over 3 days. It'll be the largest concert ever in Japan*.
*The context here may not necessary be referring to number of audience

Despite achieving their biggest dream, it'll be the most heartbreaking moment for AKB48 and the fans when Atsuko Maeda is set to graduate on August 27th, 1 day after the concert back at the AKB48 Theater in Akihabara, where everything first begins. On that day, it'll be her last stage performance, ending her 6 years as an undisputed ace of AKB48.

According to Minami Takahashi, Captain of AKB48 Team A, it shall be a new starting point for AKB48 from here on and she hopes that the group will keep growing with the fans.

Note: It's still unknown at the moment whether Atsuko Maeda will be participating in AKB48's 27th single, which is to be released in August.

Gallery: Minami Takahashi's conversation with Tsuneo Watanabe
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