SNSD's Jessica And Seohyun Don't Get Along

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SNSD's Jessica And Seohyun Don't Get Along
On May 17th, SNSD's Jessica, Super Junior's Sungmin and f(x)'s Luna appeared on tvN's "Taxi" and talked about their fellow members and unknown facts about the groups.

During the show, Jessica surprised viewers with her honesty when she directly answered Seohyun to the MC's question, "Which member do you not get along with in your group?"

She explained that the reason for this was because their personalities differ so much from each other. While Seohyun is more like a model student, Jessica has always been more carefree than her. Jessica also said, "The foods we eat don't match. The members really like snack foods and hamburgers. But Seohyun only eats vegetables she packed from home, goguma, or tomatoes."

Viewers commented, "Jessica is so cool", "You two didn't have a fight, did you?", and, "She's honest", on Jessica's statements.
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