Jay Chou Doesn't Want Work To Delay Him Having Children

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Jay Chou Doesn't Want Work To Delay Him Having Children
According to the Taiwanese media, Jay Chou is on the verge of marriage. Rumors have been circulating that it is extremely likely that Hannah Quinlivan will become Mrs. Chou.

On the latest episode of "Wo Men Yi Jia Fang Wen Ren", the singer expressed his feelings about marriage. He explained that dating is hard for celebrities because you have to try to to hide your private life from the media, but he has come to realize the people you love are more important than whatever the media has to say. The singer wants to be married by the time he's 35 and wants kids as soon as possible.

Jay said that in the past few years he's seen may of his classmates and friends getting married, having children and starting families. He wants to do the same. "I don't want work to delay having children," Jay said, anxious about the possible generation gap if he waits any longer for children.

In the past, Jay was interested in girls with long, beautiful hair and nice round eyes. Now, he hopes his better half will be domestic, have a gentle personality, adore him and understand his music. "My mom fell in love with my dad because music. I want the same," he said.
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